Important Safety Tips For Mountain Climbers

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Tips For Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is one of the best outdoor activities. It is a great sports for bonding with your loved ones. However, like any other sports, there are certain risks involved. This makes mountain climbing a bit risky. You need proper training before you can venture into mountain climbing. This article focuses on key elements you should check up on before going for that mountain climbing trip.

  1.  Asses the Area

This is very important. You have to know all the tiny details of the place you will be venturing, especially if it is a foreign town. There have been cases of people being attacked by wild animals. Note down the areas surrounding the mountain. Check for forests and dense vegetations. Bears are known to like the forests and a bear attack is the last thing you want.

Are there local residents around the mountains? It is advisable to not explore a mountain with little facts known about it. The locals will be of great help in case something comes up. Local people also have valid information on the best time to go for climbing and what to expect.

  1.  Medical Checkup

    Medical Checkup

This aspect cannot be overemphasized. You will need a thorough medical checkup before going for that trip. Majority of the altitude related illness are brought by lack of oxygen. As you go further up the mountain, the oxygen concentration in the air reduces. The medical checkup should be able to asses your red blood cells.

If you also have an existing medical condition, especially conditions related to the respiratory system and the blood system, it is best to consult your doctor. If you have iron deficiency anemia, you will be required to take iron supplements before and during the climbing. You should also have a portable first aid kit. This will be useful for dressing minor cuts and bruises.

  1.  Acclimatization


Acclimatization helps your body slowly adapt to the changes in altitude and reduced oxygen levels. Take your time to visit the high altitude areas. Gradually move your way up the mountain. Carrying an extra oxygen supply is recommended.

Your doctor can also prescribe the drug acetazolamide which goes a long way to stimulate your breathing. It helps your body to easily acclimatize and also increases your oxygen intake. It is best taken during the night where the oxygen levels in the air significantly reduce.

You are also advised not to go for mountain climbing alone. Cases of people being lost on the mountain have been reported in the past. You need to be part of a team. This will enable you to work together and help each other when need be. Make sure you stay hydrated and warm. Eat frequently and avoid alcohol. Your body will need all the energy it can get.

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    Tell me, please, where it is better to undergo a medical examination?

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